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The Money Masters Specialty Accounts program is appropriate for investors who are in the midst of life transition and have very specific investment and planning needs

Examples include creating an income replacement plan for retirement or designing an investment strategy for proceeds from the sale of a business or the receipt of an inheritance.

Stage Three clients have access to a wide range of specialized portfolios which have been designed to meet these specific investment objective and distributed income goals.

Stage Three clients work closely with an experienced Specialty Advisor to complete a comprehensive risk tolerance and investment objective profile. A customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is also developed which we believe most suits their specialized needs.

Stage Three clients meet with their assigned advisor to create a customized Family Master Plan. The advisor also helps clients implement or revise their plan as needed. Advisors are available to meet with their assigned clients by request. However, semi-annual client review meetings are pro-actively scheduled by our Client Care Team. Clients can communicate with their assigned advisor by whatever means is most comfortable or convenient. Meetings with clients typically take place face-to-face in our office, by video conference, telephone, email or written letter.


Please note: if you transition from Stage One or Stage Two into any of the other programs, a separate Investment Advisory Agreement will be required. The Investment Advisory Agreement will be provided to you in advance for your review and will outline the specific advisory services and fees associated with each program.

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When you open a Money Masters Account you become a client of the Retirement Corporation of America.
RCA was one of the first SEC Registered Investment Advisory firms to make their services available online, starting in 2005.