Jeff Gundlach — The New Bond King

“Jeff Heads What May Be the Nation's Best Mortgage Team”

Jeff Gundlach

Jeff Gundlach

In a 2011 cover story, Barron’s magazine annointed Jeff Gundlach as the “New Bond King” noting that in a career marked by genius and controversy, he had outpaced even Bill Gross. Jeff and his team of analysts at DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund specialize in managing AAA rated mortgage backed bonds. Senior members of this investment team have successfully managed risk together for over 20 years. Jeff believes their focus on AAA rated mortgages gives them an edge over more diversified bond funds. Their goal remains the same: deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to clients invested in the DoubleLine Total Return Bond Fund.

Jeff has received numerous industry awards including Morningstar “2006 Fixed Income Manager of The Year” and S&P 500/Business Week “Excellence in Fund Management Award” three years in a row.

DoubleLine Capital LP, was founded in 2010. Most of the mortgage team Jeff worked with previously at TCW elected to join him at the new firm where he serves as CEO and Chief Investment Officer. Their bond fund offers our clients generous dividend yields, reasonably priced fees and top-notch management. We continue to be pleased with the “Royal” results achieved by “The New Bond King”.

Jeff Gundlach's Scorecard

These five criteria contribute to the selection process which helped us to choose Jeff Gundlach as one of our select group of Money Masters.

1 Manager Tenure Check!
2 Performance Results Check!
3 Style Consistency Check!
4 Regulatory Compliance Check!
5 Availability Check!

The fund we are investing in to gain access to Money Master Jeff Gundlach is:

Fund Name:DoubleLine Total Return
Fund Symbol:DLTNX
Fund Summary:

The investment seeks to maximize total return. The fund invests at least 80% of net assets in debt securities. It intends to invest more than 50% of net assets in mortgage-backed securities of any maturity or type guaranteed by, or secured by collateral that is guaranteed by, the United States government, its agencies, instrumentalities or sponsored corporations, or in privately issued mortgage-backed securities rated at time of investment Aa3 or higher by Moody’s or AA- or higher by S&P or the equivalent by any other nationally recognized statistical rating organization. The fund may invest 33 1/3% of net assets in the high yield universe.

  • The company was established by Jeffrey Gundlach in early 2010 and is already managing about $7 billion in assets
  • DoubleLine’s fixed income asset allocation team of portfolio managers have worked together for an average of 13 years.
  • Jeff Gundlach was nominated for fixed income manager of the decade by Morningstar.

* Notes: The 10-year average return shown for TGMNX/DLTNX is for the 10-year period 01/01/02 - 12/31/11. The average was calculated by adding the results for the 10 consecutive calendar years shown and dividing that result by 10.

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The 2010 return was calculated by using the TGMNX for the period 01/01/02 - 4/30/10. DLTNX was used for the period 05/01/10 - 12/31/10.

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