Dan Fuss — The Old Hand

“Dan is a Creature of Habit - The Best of which is Regular Success”

Dan Fuss

Dan Fuss

Dan is one of the hottest bond managers around – maybe as hot as ‘The King' himself. Yet he's as square and ‘old school' as the day is long.

Dan runs his life like clockwork. Up sharp at 4:28am without an alarm clock – 6:06am walks a mile to his train – every day the same routine. He's a man who knows what works and sticks to it (prefers pencil and paper to a computer) and backs his instincts with over 48 years of hands-on experience.

He's an expert at extrapolating information into a sense of where a market is going. This gives him the insight to recognize opportunities, the conviction to buy and, most importantly, the patience to realize the rewards.

(Is VP at Loomis Sayles)

Dan Fuss' Scorecard

These five criteria contribute to the selection process which helped us to choose Dan Fuss as one of our select group of Money Masters.

1 Manager Tenure Check!
2 Performance Results Check!
3 Style Consistency Check!
4 Regulatory Compliance Check!
5 Availability Check!

The fund we are investing in to gain access to Money Master Dan Fuss is:

Fund Name:Loomis Sayles Bond
Fund Symbol:LSBRX
Fund Summary:

The fund seeks current income and capital appreciation primarily through investing in investment grade fixed income securities. Up to 35% of its assets may be invested in lower rated fixed income securities and up to 20% in preferred stocks. The fund may invest in securities of Canadian issuers and up to 20% of assets in foreign securities, including emerging market securities. The fund may invest without limit in obligations of supranational entities (e.g., the World Bank).

Loomis Sayles & Co, L.P.
  • The company has served the worldwide investment needs of institutional, high net worth and mutual fund clients for close to 80 years.
  • Over $135 billion equity and fixed income assets under management.
  • Key strength - security selection driven by independent research.
  • $48 million invested to research in 2008 alone.
  • Investment staff: 73 portfolio managers and analysts. 99 Chartered Financial Analysts and investment counselors.
  • The company is a wholly-owner subsidiary of IXIS Asset management, North America, L.P.

* Notes: Notes: The 10-year average return shown for LSBRX is for the 10-year period 01/01/02 - 12/31/11. The average was calculated by adding the results for the 10 consecutive calendar years shown and dividing that result by 10.

The 10-year average return and 10 individual annual performance results are shown with all dividends and gains reinvested and are net of all fund fees. All fund expenses have already been deducted from the percentage results shown.

Source for Calendar year results: Zephyr StyleADVISOR

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